We (Amy and Ray) have been
organizing yearly group trips since
we founded the Latin & Argentine
Tango Club of Detroit in 1993.



MARCH 2002
MARCH 2003
MARCH 2004
MARCH 2005


Most of the trips have been to Amy’s native country of Argentina to take lessons and dance tango. The trips to Argentina have always have been to Buenos Aires and many have included a side trip to other cities and tourist attractions.

Over the years we have traveled with the Motor City Milongueros and milongueros from cities across the US and Canada to Patagonia, Cataratas Del Iguazú (three times), Bariloche, General Belgrano, Mar del Plata (four times), Mendoza, Montevideo in Uruguay, Rio De Janeiro/Copacabana Beach in Brazil, and Machu-Picchu in Peru.

During the economic crises in Argentina when Buenos Aires was in a state of unrest we opted to change the destination of the yearly trip to Jaco Beach, Costa Rica, to join Guillermo Merlo and Fernanda Ghi in a special tango event. We strive to include destinations that are little off the beaten path, but rich in cultural variety, in addition to popular tourist destinations.

With the opening of Conventillo de Lujo in March/2005 we are organizing group trips more frequently, two or three per year. The Motor City Milongueros group in March/2005 was the first to stay at Conventillo de Lujo. Future trips will include a return Patagonia, Salta, Cordaba, Tucamán, and Santiago de Estero.

We are also planning a trip to Italy in OCTOBER / 2006 to visit Rome and join Claudio Aspera and Agustina Videla for Tango Holidays in Tuscany. Click on the Month/Year buttons to review the flyers for past trips and those coming soon.

Please join Amy and Ray and the Motor City Milongueros for one of the most memorable experiences of your lifetime in the very near future.

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